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Sunday, 28 March 2010

With a view to get some more images of the local area, i popped into Winchester with the family just to see what it was like. The town itself is very strange, but has the potential for some great photos! If only i wasn't having a lazy sunday!!


I had a wander into town on Saturday with my camera looking for something different to photograph. I decided i would photograph all the normally unseen sights of the town & see what they came out like. After a quick tweek on photoshop, i am quite happy with them. A kind of urban look at Andover.

Monday, 22 March 2010




Studio Shoot With Rhys

Modelling Shoot With Karen

Crazy Respirator Shot

Poster Images

Family Portraits

Family Portraits

Boys to Men

I don't often find myself photographing many men through my personal photography, so lately I am trying to change that & photograph as many as I can.

Obsessed with Barbie

I got approached to do a modelling shoot with these 2 girls who said they wanted to do something different. They weren't wrong! They both had an obsession with Barbie & wanted to re-create a shoot with them dressed & acting as crazy Barbies.