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Monday, 31 May 2010

Seaford Beach

I took a wander down to the beach by my parents house the other day after picking my son up for half term. I thought it would be some nice father & son time, throwing pebbles in the sea, climbing the rocks & all that good stuff. We had a right blast, although we couldn't stay long as my mum had the roast dinner on the go. I got some cracking shots of Joe playing in & on all the old boats. 

I took this small selection of images to capture the mood of the beach. It is a very run down, hardly used part of the fishing culture. The boats that are here don't move anymore, they are more of a tourist attraction. The beach itself is still very busy with keen anglers, dog walkers, kids playing & even the odd barbecue happening. The old castle ruins on the cliff are a big attraction too, giving the public full access to roam the grounds & admire the scenic view.

The sky was amazing this day & it really shows in these images.

I hope you like them


Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Salisbury Skate Park



Me at work - image courtesy of Steve Wood

Me at work - image courtesy of Steve Wood

Me at work - image courtesy of Steve Wood

Me - Courtesy of Steve Wood

I went down to the skate park by Salisbury College tonight with a mate from work to see if their was any activity. We were surprised to see how busy it was, so quickly started looking around for where we wanted to shoot. 

We met up with a lad called "Bridge" who is a keen photographer himself. Once we got chatting & explained what we wanted, he quickly rallied the lads to help us out. 

We started by breaking the ice with a few informal portraits before getting them to perform for us. The lads were awesome. Lloyd is the park pro, & is currently sponsored by Motion Coalition BMX Team in Bristol. What can I say, this lad has an amazing talent & completely amazed me with what he could do. They really love what they do & were more than happy to perform the same trick over & over until we were happy we got "the shot!"

Will definitely go down their again with a view to take the lads off & do some street shots.

Monday, 24 May 2010

A trip to the Capital

I managed to go and assist with a job in London last week, and had the privilege of staying with another photographer based in Canary Wharf. Once we arrived and got settled in it was off into the big smoke to take some pictures. These are a mixture of images by both day & night during my short overnight stay in London.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Strobist shoot with Michelle


Today I had a very productive shoot with a model from Basingstoke. Having finally plucked up the courage to do a whole shoot using nothing but off camera flash, we hit the streets of Basingstoke. I did the whole shoot using 1 SB900 flash on a stand & my 2 pocket wizard Plus II's. I found it a lot easier having played around with them at work first! The location we used was ideal, very run down looking and very moody.

Michelle is a great model & worked very hard despite the cold & rain. I will definitely  be working with her again!