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Monday, 31 May 2010

Seaford Beach

I took a wander down to the beach by my parents house the other day after picking my son up for half term. I thought it would be some nice father & son time, throwing pebbles in the sea, climbing the rocks & all that good stuff. We had a right blast, although we couldn't stay long as my mum had the roast dinner on the go. I got some cracking shots of Joe playing in & on all the old boats. 

I took this small selection of images to capture the mood of the beach. It is a very run down, hardly used part of the fishing culture. The boats that are here don't move anymore, they are more of a tourist attraction. The beach itself is still very busy with keen anglers, dog walkers, kids playing & even the odd barbecue happening. The old castle ruins on the cliff are a big attraction too, giving the public full access to roam the grounds & admire the scenic view.

The sky was amazing this day & it really shows in these images.

I hope you like them


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