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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Beauty & Decay

Today I had a shoot with professional dancer, Jodie Nesbitt. Jodie is currently working on Bollywood music videos in Mumbai, and is home for a couple of weeks, so what better than to let your hair down, and get some nice photos.

With Jodie's profession being the main aim of the shoot, it was nice to see some different poses to normal. Between us, we had planned some of the outfits quite thoroughly, although Jodie did come VERY prepared for any other eventuality. 

Also covering some nice headshots, and some nice sexy, but sophisticated shots, we had a good day in the old barns close to my house.

Jodie is a natural infront of the camera, poses with ease and was a great laugh throughout the day. 

Thanks Jodie, and hope to work with you again soon.



  1. you need more lights

  2. and why would that be Mr Anonymous?