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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Kelsey's Birthday Shoot

I got booked for a photoshoot today, as a birthday present for a colleagues daughter.

Kelsey, who has just turned 11, had her mum organise it with me as a surprise. She got whisked off this morning to have her hair done before she came, and ensured her make-up and nails were done too.

I had quite a few ideas I wanted to try, and thought they would work nicely with a girl of her age. The location was decided by her mum, so it was just down to me then to produce the goods. 

Having never met Kelsey before, it was apparent very soon after we met, that she was very confident for her age, so I knew this would work in my favour when I put her in front of the camera. 

After explaining how the session would run, we were off. Kelsey was loving being made a fuss of, and she lapped up the attention. She was strutting her stuff in front of the camera, in between giggling, for an hour, throwing in some good pose ideas that she wanted too.

This set of images were edited, very briefly, in photoshop. I have chosen to increase the contrast, by quite a lot, to give the images a more modern feel to them.

If you would like to book a portrait session, no matter what the occasion, please send me an email via my website.

Thanks, Steve

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